Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Summer Photographs

Recently, I asked my friends (Camilla, Laura and Stella) to help me out with my photography project by being the 'models' in my pictures. As my chosen theme is fashion, I wanted to capture their personality through their outfits. I didn't ask them to wear anything crazy, just to dress how they normally would. I didn't just want a plain white wall as a background, so I decided to use the fields by the aerodrome near to where I live. I also used natural lighting, with no flash or anything (if I had taken the pictures at home I would have used professional studio lighting, but I wanted to see how the images would turn out when taken with natural light). When I got home, I also edited them on photoshop.

This is the original version of the photograph. I like the background in this, but there is too much space above Camilla's head, so when I edited it in photoshop, I cropped it down to a better size. I also added some blue tones to the picture as I felt like it intensified the image that way.

This is the edited version.

This picture I decided not to edit. I quite like how it looked without being edited, I also like how there is a lot of space around the picture, with not much going on in it as it draws your attention to them.

This picture I decided to edit as there was slightly more space on the right hand side of the picture. I also added some blue tones again to this picture, but not as much as the one from earlier.

This is the edited version.

I edited this picture as I felt that the colours could be brighter and more vibrant, so I added some blue tones (I feel like adding blue tones in photoshop can really make a picture look better!)

Here is the edited version.

I decided to crop this picture as again I felt there was too much space surrounding the image. I also added blue tones.

Here is the edited verison.

I didn't want all of the grass or clouds to be in the picture so I cropped it, and also added blue tones.

Here is the edited version.

Thanks to Camilla, Laura and Stella for helping me out!

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