Monday, 10 September 2012

The Enhanced Image Project

This project will be exploring darkroom techniques related to enhancing your images. This could involve vignetting, toning, bleaching and even painting your photographs. I think that it will be an interesting topic, and I'm excited to explore the different techniques.

Stacey Page

Stacey Page is an artist that takes a vintage photograph and stitches into it to create a new and modern image:

I created my own version by printing a photograph that I had taken of some costumes (relating to my chosen theme of fashion) at the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tour onto photographic paper (which works much better than regular printer paper as it doesn't rip as easily). I used a berry red colour thread as I thought that this would go well with the pinks of the outfits, but also slightly contrast with the pinks at the same time. I also think that with it being red, it makes it more visible to the viewer.

I didn't have a particular pattern in mind when stitching onto the photograph, I was mainly experimenting. I enjoyed this technique and I think that it would be an interesting effect for future projects and perhaps incorporating sequins for a more colourful effect.

Rebecca Chew

Rebecca Chew is an artist thats work is based of creating 3D art pieces :

I recreated my own version by making an origami crane :

I decided to create an origami crane as I think that it distorts the image in a way that viewers would find interesting and would be intrigued to find out what the image was, which makes the work effective. 
 I don't think that mine turned out too well, as you can see, and I found this quite difficult to do. I did however enjoy it and it will be something that I keep in mind for future projects. I used one of my own pictures for this, but you can't really see the photo as origami.

Stephen J Shanabrook

Stephen J Shanabrook is an artist that distorts images by squashing, and misshaping them to create interesting yet slightly horrible new images :

I recreated this technique by using one of my own images :

and it turned out like this :

Personally, I don't particularly like the effect that it gives. It's interesting yes, but I don't find it inspiring for my future projects. I prefer the picture as it's original.