Friday, 17 August 2012

Quentin Jones

Quentin Jones is an artist that uses different medias to create images. Below is an image that she created that I think relates well to my chosen theme of fashion :

I particularly like this image because of all the different colours in the bag. You can see at some parts of the picture how the images aren't in line with each other, but I like that because it draws your attention to it, and it makes you think why the artist created the image as she did. 

Here is another one of her pieces :
I think that this also relates well with my chosen theme of fashion. I like how they are all completely different images that work together effectively in one picture. I also like how the cup is overly large compared to the model, as I think that this creates an interesting effect. 
I had a go at creating my own version of the second picture above by cutting out images from fashion magazines and sticking them on the same piece of paper. Although my version isn't similar to Quentin's, I think that it works well because the images are all of a similar size, when in real life they wouldn't be. My version is shown below :

 Above is the unedited version. I wanted there to be some space between the images so that I could later edit it on photoshop if I wanted to, as I did with the picture below. I found some galaxy style brushes and decided to put them on the image, and changed the layer type so they were more subtle.

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