Wednesday, 5 September 2012

William Hatch Crosby

William Hatch Crosby is an artist/illustrator currently based in Brookyn, NY. He is also known for doing Art Department work in the Film and Television industry. As you can see from the image above, William designs often include intricate patterns in bright colours. I personally really like his work as I find it interesting as well as unique. I like how in the picture above, the original photograph has darker colours, and not a lot going on, but then the vibrancy of the pink really makes it stand out. I decided to create my own version by using an advert from a fashion magazine (helping me to relate the work of William Hatch Crosby to my fashion theme!)

To create this, I used several different colours of acrylic paint, and also used different paint brushes to create slightly different shapes and lines, which I found created an interesting and unique effect. I particularly like this type of art as I feel like you could transform any photograph into something completely new. I plan to use this technique in some of my work later on in the year.

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