Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Wildfox Couture Resort 2013 Collection Shoot

View the complete collection of images here.

This is the latest photography shoot for a fashion brand called Wildfox Couture, which is a company based in LA, United States. It's for their collection for Spring/Summer 2013, so the setting, clothes and also weather need to reflect this in the images - it wouldn't work if it was snowing or raining in photographs that are supposed to be for the warmer months, even though the photographs weren't shot in the spring/summer - they were most likely shot in the late summer/early autumn. The photographer for this series is Mark Hunter.

I really love the use of lighting in these images. The photographs are fairly simplistic but I think that they are effective in showing the new collection of clothes. I also like how the models have unique hair colours - blue/green and a silver/pink as these add to the feel of fairy like, as well as childlike themes. It also makes the brand as a whole stand out more.

These photographs have a child-like feel to them - perhaps down to the clothes, but I think that this could actually relate well to the idea of modern fairtytales.I also think that the colours make it seem child-like, with the pastels of the clothes, as well as the prints on the clothes themselves - the rainbows and stars.

I also think that this could be related to my theme of gothic fairytales, as the jumpers actually have rips and holes in them as part of the design, but give the feel of the fairytale falling apart, which I really like. In the third picture, I particularly like how it is slightly darker on the right hand side, as the light is coming from the window on the left - this also gives the photograph a darker more gothic feel, even if it is very subtle.

In the first picture, the skirts of the outfits as well as the setting make the photograph seem grand, however the fact that they are wearing big, chunky cardigans and the models don't look too interested gives the photograph an unusual yet interesting feel which is something that I could use for future photographs. They are both looking away from/ past the camera which makes the photograph feel almost documentary like, as if the camera is looking in on their lives.

One thing that I would change about the first two photographs, is that the colours of the outfits blend in with the background, which are similar creamy colours. I also think that in the second photograph, the lighting is too harsh, and we as the viewer of the photographs don't get to see the real detail in the models' face - it also washes the colour of her out, making it harder to tell that it is a pale silver/green.

Something that is interesting is that for the majority of the photographs of the collection, the materials of the outfits are fairly light - which would make sense as it's their summer collection. I think that for my gothic fairytale photographs, however I could use heavier fabrics for the darker theme, or perhaps mix in some lighter fabrics as a contrast.

If you look closely at the mirror in the background, you can see the photographer, which is something to bear in mind if I decide to use a mirror in my photographs. Overall, I think that this is a particularly effective advertising campaign and I find the photographs very inspiring.

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