Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Photography techniques : bokeh

Bokeh is a technique where you take a picture of lights (for example Christmas lights) and make the photograph really out of focus, so that the lights look like orbs. I love this effect as I think that it looks really cool and pretty.

Sara Kiesling is a photographer that I found on the photography website flickr (link here). I found a photograph that she took that used not only the bokeh effect, but relates well to my chosen theme of fashion. With the Christmas season fast approaching, I think that it would be worth taking a lot of photographs of Christmas lights and really experimenting with this technique:

You can also put certain filters on your camera lens to change the shape of the bokeh, for example hearts or stars, etc...

Photograph found here.

Here is my own version of a bokeh effect using my film slr camera with a black and white film:

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