Monday, 26 November 2012

7 day photo challenge

Recently, we were set the 7 day photo challenge. These were the photographs that we had to take:

day 1: a house
day 2: your shoes
day 3: from a high angle
day 4: from a low angle
day 5: something blue
day 6: time
day 7: people

The photograph to the right is for day 1 - a photograph of a house. I placed the nail varnishes in the foreground so that it related to my theme, but you can also clearly see the house behind them, which I think looks interesting.
The photograph to the left is for day 2 - a photograph of shoes. These are my favourite shoes and I also thought that they related well to my theme and they have a gothic feel to them, which is what I am planning to incorporate into my final outcome.
The photograph to the right is for day 3 - a photograph from a high angle. This is an eyeshadow and I took the picture from above as you could see the shimmer better. This could also relate to the blue image for day 5.

The photograph below is for day 4 - a photograph from a low angle. This is a blush and when I took the picture, I thought that it looked interesting from a low angle.

The image to the right is for day 5 - a photograph of something blue. This galaxy pattern is from a pair of leggings that I own, which have a lot of blue in them, which is why I chose to take a picture of them for this day.

The image to the left is for day 6 - a photograph of time. This is a pocket watch necklace that has a lot of detail of the front, but I kept it open in the picture to show the time. I think that this relates well to my idea of fairytales.

The image to the right is for the final day of the challenge, day 7 - a photograph of people. Although these aren't people, the clothes are shown to look how they would on a person, so that you can see what they look like. These are some costumes from the Harry Potter Warner Brothers Studio Tour that I visited.

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