Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Cyanotype : A photographic blueprint.

I created these cyanotypes by taking the paper with the chemicals on it outside, laying it flat on the ground in direct sunlight, then taping acetate on top and pouring on black ink and using a paintbrush to splatter it. I left this one for about 6 minutes before returning to the dark room to wash it. The paper starts off green and then turns blue when you wash the chemicals off. As you can see, the second one (pictured below) didn't work as well, and I think that this is because as I was pouring the ink onto the acetate, it wasn't actually taped down properly, and briefly moved as it was quite breezy that day. You can see that I actually got some of the ink onto the paper. However, I think that this experience was overall helpful and I think that it almost looks like it is being held under a UV light, or something of that sort. I think that it would be quite interesting to try this out using fabric, a thin one like cotton or something similar, as you would be able to see through it a little bit, and therefore would distort the image even more.

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