Thursday, 18 April 2013

Photo Transfer

Although for my final outcome, I want to do photo transfer onto glass, I decided to first try it out on paper, to see how the technique worked, and to give me an idea on how long to let the 'mod podge' dry for. I got the tutorial here, but the method to creating this is fairly simple:

-Print off your image onto paper (it works best with an ink jet printer, as I tried it with a laser printer and it didn't work as well). I used photographs that were quite vibrant in their colours so you might want to edit it a bit before you print it off. Then get the material that you want to transfer your image onto, in my case I used sketchbook paper.

-Cut the image to size and apply 'mod podge' to the image - I used a paintbrush and applied a couple of layers before then sticking the image face down onto the sketchbook paper. I left it to dry for a few hours, before returning. I think that this technique would work best if you left it to dry overnight, as I tried this technique several times, and before I had not left it for very long, and there for it hadn't worked very well.

-I then just took a clean sponge and got it damp, before pressing it onto the image. When the paper was then damp, I began to use my finger to rub off the paper. You have to be careful not to ruin the sketchbook paper, as this can easily happen when the paper is wet. As you can see in the photographs above, not all of the paper came off, leaving a white, cloudy look to the image, which personally I really like as it distorts the image further.

Overall, I really liked this technique, and will definitely be using it in my exam.

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