Friday, 19 April 2013

Photo Transfer onto Glass : Final Outcome Idea

Images and inspiration and idea from here.

Photo transfer is an old technique, and fairly simple to create. On the blog linked above, I saw that she had tried out photo transfer onto glass, and I have to say that I really love how this looks. She used beach glass to create it, which gives the images a rough and cloudy effect.

How to create this technique :

Print off your image onto regular inkjet paper (if it's a dark room print, scan it in and print it off in the same way)

Trim and stick the photograph face down onto the glass with 'Mod Podge'

Allow to dry and then the paper in water before rubbing the paper off of the glass.

Not only will this transfer the image onto the glass, but it also gives it a ghostly quality to it.

I think that this would be a really creative final outcome piece for me, as not only is is something new that I haven't done with any of my other outcomes, but the technique itself adds to the idea of distortion. The outcome would be distorted even if I hadn't distorted the original image, which is something that I think looks really interesting.

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  1. It is important when the MP arrives that you try B&W/colour experiments on paper, fabric and a small bit of glass in the lead up to your exam. You may find you want to create additional liquid emulsion prints alongside your glass pieces in the exam. Also, in tomorrow's lesson please try cyanotypes with water drops on glass, ink, etc to create blurred prints.