Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Torn Collage / Cubomania Collage

Above is the video for the 'torn collage' technique. I worked in a group of three other people, and we ripped up photocopies of photographs and allowed them to drop onto the paper. We then stuck the majority of them down so that they wouldn't move when we added more to the paper. We squirted paint all over in green, blue and yellow to create a contrast as well as adding texture which I think looked cool and also made the artwork look more random and spontaneous. Someone in my group then decided to take some tape and use it to drag the paint around the paper, which looked quite different and added to the messy look. Overall, I personally really liked this technique and I think that it distorted the photographs in an interesting and unique way, and it would look different every time that you tried it. I think that if I were to recreate this technique just by myself, I'd use my own images that related to my current theme/work and I'd like to experiment more with colour and create 3D layers with it (for example, paint). It could also be interesting to experiment with other materials, such as fabric - such as ribbon to be comparable to the paint, or lace, to distort how the viewer perceives the torn photographs.

Above is the video for the 'cubomania collage' technique. Again, using photocopies of photographs that had been provided, I cut them up into squares and placed them fairly randomly on the yellow card. If I were to try this again, I think I'd chose more relevant pictures (again, like before) and I would experiment more with colour and perhaps place it on different fabrics like silk which would reflect light when making the collage, which could bring an interesting feel to the image. It would also be worth playing around with the timings of the stop motion, as this could make the same artwork seem different depending on the timings.

Overall, I really liked trying out these techniques, and it has made me think about experimenting more with colour, as well as different ways that photographs could be presented - not just on photo paper. I also really liked using the iMotion HD app on the ipads, and would definitely consider using them again to create stop motion animations of the process in which I went through to to create the art piece. Again, this is helping me to experiment with other possible ways of presenting my final outcome for my exam piece.

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