Monday, 14 January 2013

Photobooth Photographs

I took these photographs which were inspired by the Andy Warhol Photobooth photographs. These are self portraits, which were also inspired by Mariell Amelie. I used different props to create the effect of different personnas, even though you could tell it was me in all of the photographs. On photoshop I created the effect of a photo strip (a line of 4 photographs) to make it look like the photographs were taken in a photobooth. I also made the photograph black and white (above) and also in sepia :

to create a vintage effect. Overall, I think that I like the slight sepia effect is the best as it creates a vintage feel but also keeps the colours of the clothes and props - which is important relating to my chosen theme of fashion. I also like the polaroid camera prop, as I think that this adds to the vintage theme for the sepia images.

I then decided to experiment with using a traditional photobooth border the the images, and made them more portrait than landscape - it also looked more professional :

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