Monday, 14 January 2013

Andy Warhol Photobooth


Andy Warhol was an artist who was a leading figure in the visual art movement known as pop art. The photographs above are from a series titled Andy Warhol Photobooth. I think that this idea is interesting as the setting looks natural and can be recreated fairly easily. I think that these photographs look simple making the people in them the main focus of the image. I could recreate similar photographs that relate to my theme, by dressing up and taking photographs of different styles for example gothic. As I'm doing fashion photography, I'd need to focus more on the details in the top/dress, the makeup and the hair/accessories as you wouldn't be able to see the trousers/skirt/shoes. I'm also doing self portraiture, so I think that for each image I could replicate different styles and photographs, so that the viewer would have to look closely to be able to tell that it was me in every picture. 

These images are in black and white (although they appear slightly yellow toned here), which I think creates more shadow and tones to the photographs. If I were to recreate the images I think that I would use either black and white or sepia to replicate the vintage feel. However, I could keep them in colour to keep the photographs feeling modern. I could even have a mix of both for a vintage yet modern approach - something to think about. For these photographs, I create fashion/makeup/hair looks that are typically vintage to go with the idea of a photobooth.To relate it to my final outcome for this challenge, I think that I could mix the gothic fairytales with this idea of presenting my images. What I like about these images is that they're simple and basic, with the plain background and the lack of colour, but each photograph is interesting as there is something different happening in each of them. The viewer pays attention to each individual photograph rather than just the photo strip as a whole. It makes you wonder what the model was thinking at that exact time that the photograph was taken, and why they did a specific pose etc...

What I like about these images so much is that you get to see more of the personality behind the models in these photo strips. Although I plan to take on slightly different personas in each photo strip, I could refer back to these images to look at the poses. Something that I think about when I look at these pictures was were the models somehow listening to music? Sometimes music can affect your mood and perhaps inspired them for their poses, however this is just a thought. 

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