Friday, 14 December 2012

Experiments : Toning

 The photograph above was covered in blue and red ink, which I then decided to bleach as it had covered the entire picture - making it harder to see the image. Although the bleach took away a lot of the detail, you can still see the image a bit better than when it was covered in ink.

 I liked this one above as it looks like blood, which I think relates well to my theme of gothic images. I think in future I will put less ink on to make it more subtle which I think will actually be more effective.

 For this one, I decided that I wanted to colour the star shapes in, as I thought that this would look interesting if there was a blend of colours, as this would add more detail to the image.

This one is similar to the blood- like drip earlier, except this colour is a shimmery green. I think that this technique works better than the one before, except I prefer the red colour.

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