Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Darkroom Experiments : Fairytales

For my first roll of film for this project, I decided to experiment with the bokeh technique that I had previously researched. The majority of my film was involving the lights so that I could see if I wanted to use it in my final outcome for this project, as well as general experimentation. I tried taking the photographs using different shaped filters, such as hearts and stars so that you would be able to clearly see that the lights had been changed.

For these two photographs, I created the double exposure effect in the dark room. These are both the same image, except the exposure on them in the darkroom is slightly different, creating two separate outcomes. I personally really liked how the double exposure worked, and I will definitely be using it in some way within my final outcome, perhaps by using a different shape to mirror the gothic theme that I am following.


For the third image, I decided to try out the solarisation effect, as it was something that I liked from the previous project. Although this one didn't work out too well, I think that the overall effect is interesting, especially with the lighting that I used - light only directed to one side of the face. This reminds me of the gothic theme, so I will try and experiment more with this technique on other photographs.

The final image is the same as the first and second one, however I decided to crop the image so that it really focused on the person and the clothes, as well as the stars. I think that this technique works well, but sometimes I prefer to have more of the background showing. Overall I think that it is an interesting technique to keep in mind.

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