Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Tina Patni : Research

These photographs were taken by Tina Patni, a photographer who specialises in fashion and beauty photographs. These photographs are from a collection on her website called Fashion 3 - the third portfolio of her fashion work. Fashion 3 is my personal favourite collection of her work. Tina Patni works with lots of different designer brands, creating advertising photographs for them, the main brand being Louis Vuitton, however I don't think that the photographs above were for a specific brand. I chose to analyse these pictures as I find the work inspiring and would like to recreate similar photographs for my own project.

I think that all of Tina Patni's work has a similar and obvious theme - fashion and beauty. Her work could also be related to the theme of Portraiture, which is interesting. When looking on her site, there were no titles for any of the pictures.

When I first saw these pictures, I was instantly drawn to them as I found them very inspiring. The photographs have a dreamy effect to them - due to the lighting coming from behind the model and the whole picture being slightly blurred. I found this interesting as it is very effective and reminds me of fairytale inspired photographs (also because of the outfits). To me, the models in the pictures almost look doll-like, again reminding me of fairytale, child-like scenes. I was also drawn to the photographs because they have blue tones to them, something that I personally love to do to my own photographs. The colours also complement each other nicely.

Overall, I personally am really inspired by the work of Tina Patni, and after looking through her collection of photographs on her website, I really liked all of them, and am inspired to use some of her techniques in my own work.

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