Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Emily Soto : Research

These photographs were taken by Emily Soto, who specialises in fashion photography, as well as celebrity and lifestyle photography. She is based in Southern California. In 2011, she received a "Best of Photography" award from Sigma. These photographs are from a collection on her website called Book I and her pictures are often used in fashion magazines. I personally prefer the photographs from Book I, as there have a more whimsical fairy-like feel to them, compared to in Book II where they are more high fashion photographs.

Emily Soto's work has a similar theme - fashion (the obvious one) but also a whimsical, dreamy theme to a lot of her photographs. You could also say that these relate to the theme of Portraiture, as well as Fashion.

One thing that I particularly love about Emily Soto's work, is the dreamy, blurred effect to her photographs. I like how if there are any objects in front of the model, they are blurred out, so just the model is noticed, but the objects are not forgotten. A lot of her photographs have pink tones to them (unlike the blue tones of the work of Tina Patni) which I really like as they give the photographs a more girly feel to them. The styling of the outfits also makes them feel 'princess-y', which again adds to the fairytale feel. 

I picked these photographs because they inspire me. I am particularly interested in recreating the fairytale feel to my own pictures in the future for this project, as I find them interesting to look at, and playing with the different colours could create different yet interesting effects.

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