Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Gerhard Richter

'Clouds (Pink)'

'Clouds (Blue)'

Gerhard Richter was born in 1932 in Dresden, and is a painter. Although this isn't photography, Richter uses a similar distortion technique to the ones I've been photographing and experimenting with, where he has a slightly blurred effect to his paintings. I particularly like the pink clouds above, as they have a 'dreamy' quality to them which is something that I want to replicate in my own photographs. The blue one has a slightly 'haunting' quality to it. I find this work really inspiring as these two photographs are of the same thing - clouds (at different times and positions however) yet they look completely different. This is something that would be good to try and recreate myself with my own work, perhaps taking photographs of an object that relates to my current work, for example trees, but take the photograph several times at different points throughout the day, for example, one in the morning, one in the early afternoon, and one in the evening when the sun is setting. I also like how there are the two lines in both images. It makes it seem more like a painting than a photograph, however it makes it seems like a 'series of three' piece or a 'puzzle', which is something that I want to explore for my final outcome with pieces of glass. 

The paintings have a grainy effect to them which I really like as this makes this makes the detail more intricate and also makes you think about whether it is a photograph or a painting, as some photographs have a grainy effect to them. This effect is more visible on the darker painting, the blue one, which could be symbolising how different the night is from the day time. I think that this relates well to the current exam theme of Inside, Outside and In-between, as the painting is of an outside setting, painted onto a canvas that will be displayed inside, but it brings the in-between space between people and the sky closer, so that they are able to see the little details of the sky, such as the different tones, the colours of the sky throughout the day, and the shadowing. 

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