Wednesday, 6 March 2013

More 3D Experiments

I decided to try and create the 3D effect using my film photographs. I scanned them into the computer and then opened them up into photoshop.

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  1. Hi Liz - if you feel uncomfortable exploring the whole filling spaces idea then I would like to look at the idea of the everyday. I think this is much more you!

    Look at William Eggleston and Jorma Puranen for ideas - focusing on cold and warm colours to create certain moods. I'm thinking this type of idea

    You can create this nice abstract/distorted effect easily with your digital (and film!) camera by using transparent materials INBETWEEN the camera and your subject.

    Please try using glass or acetate in front of your lens with sprayed water, tracing paper and thin white material. Experiment with light, B&W and colour. Really think about your frame and selective cropping!

    If you could give this a go before Tuesday that would be great if not then please bring your camera in for your lesson with me and you can do it then.