Saturday, 9 February 2013

Movement + Light

  • Why have you selected this starting point?

I chose to start exploring the movement + light theme, as I have a strong interest in experimenting with light painting and how light can affect and enhance images.

  • What are you planning to look at for primary/secondary research?

Take photographs / contextual research.

  • Which artists/designers will you be looking at (you must select a minimum of 3 from the theme)

Wolfgang Tillmans, Uta Barth and Brad Carlile.

  • What materials/techniques would you like to experiment with? 

Double Exposure, Light Painting and 3D Photography.

  • Which experiment(s) are you planning to make?

A collection of double exposed photographs that influence light painting into portraiture / self-portraiture, experimenting in the dark room with perhaps solarisation. 

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