Thursday, 1 November 2012

Final Outcome Idea and Plans

Above is the mindmap for my final outcome.

Below is the moodboard I created for my final outcome:

For this moodboard, I collected images that I had previously looked at and researched throughout the project. Although my final outcome idea is not exactly going to be like any of these pictures, I have taken inspiration from certain aspects of each image. For example in the first image, (the black and white one), I paid particular attention to the use of the depth of focus - how the model is the only thing in focus in the image, and the background is very blurred which is an effect that I like. A lot of the images are closeups of the models face and also shows the top part of the outfit (often a collar) which is something that I think looks effective as well as interesting.

Links of artists from left to right.

1) Emily Soto
2) Peter Schiazza
3) Tina Patni
4) Julie Cockburn
5) Tina Patni
6) Emily Soto
7) Emily Soto
8) Jonda Spurbeck
9) Tina Patni
10) Jonda Spurbeck
11) Curtis Mann
13) Tina Patni
14) Tina Patni
15) Tina Patni

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  1. Liz - please make sure that you upload your mind map/mood board for your final film.