Friday, 9 November 2012

Final Outcome - Evaluation

The brief for this project was 'enhanced image'. This meant that we had to be creative with our photographs and experiment and change them to make them more interesting and effective. We started the project by finding out about the different possible ways in which we could enhance the image, such as double exposure and bleaching. When I started this project, I was unsure as to how I would use my theme of fashion as well as enhancing the images themselves. I started by researching different fashion photographers for inspiration, and then started researching more about ways in which I could enhance my images, such as the vignetting technique. I experimented a lot with the technique of double exposure, and examples are shown in my final mounted sheet.

For my final outcome, my teachers recommended the work of Julie Cockburn, and also Maurizio Anzeri, who incorporate fabric into their work:

(Maurizio Anzeri)

I found this an interesting technique, and made the photographs more interesting. It also related well to my chosen theme of fashion, as I was able to make certain parts of the outfits stand out. Overall, I think that my final outcome turned out okay, as I had the same image, but had something different stitched in each, making the changes subtle, however I think that I prefer the technique of double exposure, as shown on my mounted sheet:

(my mounted sheet of experiments)

I think that I also should have included photographs where the stitching was created using brighter thread, however I chose the pale thread so that the changes would be subtle, and harder to see, making the viewer look at the photographs in more detail. Overall, I found the enhanced image project interesting as I was able to learn more techniques whilst also developing my skills in the dark room. In the future, I can see myself using the techniques again to give a more creative and effective view to my photography, such as the double exposure technique which was my personal favourite. For my next project, 'The Personal Project', I will be continuing with my chosen theme of fashion, and I think that I will continue to use to double exposure technique as I did in 'The Enhanced Image Project'. I am interested in perhaps combing several ideas - such as Fairytales crossed with Ghost style photographs which I think will create an interesting outcome. I think that I need to practise in the darkroom more so that I can improve my techniques, such as solarisation and double exposure.

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