Monday, 29 October 2012

Maurizio Anzeri

Maurizio Anzeri is an 43 year old Italian artist whose work consists of stitching directly onto vintage photographs that he has found. His elaborate patterns create costumes, accessories and decorations in the photographs, so relates well to my chosen theme of fashion as you can incorporate it into any image. I think that perhaps the use of colour over the persons face in the image above could be suggesting the personality that the artist thinks they have. 

I personally really like how the stitching is in the shape of little shells and stars, which gives it almost a nautical feel. The bright colours also stand out against the faded photograph, making the vintage picture feel more modern. The image itself is plain and simplistic, but the stitching is detailed and vivid. If the thread was in monotone colours such as black or white, it wouldn't stand out as much and wouldn't draw as much attention to it as it does with the colourful thread. I also think that this artwork would appeal to someone of any age, as the colours would interest children and the vintage photographs would interest older people.

This photograph could also relate to the theme of portraiture, as well as fashion. It is a medium close up shot and the background is fairly simplistic. The photograph is of a young child, who seems to be sitting on some sort of box, that has patterned fabric (like lace) on it. The image is quite faded as it is so old. It is a posed photograph, but the photographer didn't take it, so it is probably a 'family' photograph shot. It was most likely taken on a film camera, perhaps with either black and white or sepia film. 

Overall, I quite like this technique. I like how there is a great amount of detail to the stitching with the use of colour, the pattern that the artist has stitched, as it makes it unique and different. You could also take the same image, make copies of it and try out different patterns and colours. You could also try out stitching different pictures with the thread, such as flowers.

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