Friday, 21 September 2012

Photoshop : HDR effect

HDR effect on photoshop.

-open your image (crop it if needed, as I did)
-duplicate the layer in case you make a mistake
-go to image --> adjustments --> shadows/highlights
-set highlights to about 50%
-set shadows to about 30%
-click show more options
-set midtone contrast to about +50
-play around with colour correction if you want
-set tonal width to about 50%, but play around with it until you're happy
-set radius to about 30 pixels, but again, play around with it until you're happy
-click ok
-take original photo and duplicate
-drag it above the edited layer
-go to filter --> other --> highpass
-set it to about 10 pixels
-go to image --> adjustments --> desaturate
-change layer to overlay
-go to layer --> new adjustment layer --> colour balance then play around with highlights, midtones and shadows until you're happy.

Final image :

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