Sunday, 27 November 2011

Looking at artists : Janne Parviainen

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This series of light paintings was done by Janne Parviainen. I have chosen the piece ‘Family Meeting’ from the collection. 
This has been made by having a very slow shutter speed (this one was 567 seconds long) and while the shutter is open, glow pens/lights of different colours are used to draw the skeletons. There are also real people sitting down at the tables, so I think that they drew skeletons with the glow pens makes the photograph become ghostly and mysterious, which I think is a good effect and idea. The time of day appears to be late afternoon, when the sun is setting, which works particularly well for the light painting to show up strongly in the photograph.
I think that there is a meaning behind this photograph. There are real people involved in this photograph as well as the skeletons. The skeletons could be symbolising people or friends that they have lost, or even family members (as the title of the piece would suggest, being titled ‘Family Meeting’). It could also be suggesting that there is more to a family then just the people who are alive in it. I think that this is a strong and powerful meaning.
I personally love not only this piece, but the entire series/collection. I think that it is a really unique and different technique to photography that I find really interesting. It has inspired me to try my own light painting as I think that it would be something new and different for me try. I also love how these photographs have not been edited - that they are straight from the camera.

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